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History of Marbella

One of the most interesting things to ponder about is how things came to be – in this case, how Marbella came to be. This article will give you a summary of how it all started for this now outstanding city that’s filled with rich culture and amazing sceneries. This piece will guide you to Marbella’s past – so, buckle up and enjoy learning a thing or two.


Taking you back 50 years ago, this city was merely a small fishing and farming village – nothing extraordinary. Today, it is world-renowned as a Spanish Riviera for the wealthy. Still, it offers a wonderful culture and history that isn’t known for the common folk outside Spain.
We all appreciate its amazing wonders, from offering unscathed beautiful beaches that stretch for more than 25 kilometers to top-quality hotels and restaurants. You will enjoy the scenic views of their majestic mountain ranges, and be overwhelmed from their 11 internationally recognized golf courses. All these while being comforted by their year-round perfect weather conditions. Who would have known that it was simply once an average town and now is an amazing tourist hotspot paradise? and own a home.


Marbella can be found within Andalusia, Spain. It resides along the Mediterranean Sea. It once held a modest population of only 150,000 people. This number didn’t stay that long as it immensely expands to around two million during summer where tourists from all over the world would come and visit – some will even decide to live there for good.
The majority of people visiting this city are mostly coming from Nothern Europe, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. Since 2010, reports have been showing a steady increase Marbella’s population. Just last year, 2015, over 50,000 foreigners were officially registered as a resident in this paradise. You can easily spot them by simply taking a stroll at their awe-inspiring boulevard.

Roman Times
It all started during 1600 BC, its very first name was Salduba (means salt), which was given by the Romans who’ve conquered it. Although these were the first factual record, scientists have managed to identify some remains that give us vital information that it could have been already inhabited by man since the Paleolithic and Phoenician times.
There are still ruins of the Roman era within the city. One that holds an inviting repute is the Roman Baths that will give you some incomparable sights. You can even find some early Christians’ remains at the Basilica de San Pedro to 300 AD.

Arabian Rule

During the 600 AD, Arabs conquered southern Spain and spreading the Islamic rule. Because of this, the old name Salduba was changed to Marbil-la. A defensive wall and fortress were built with only three gateways in order for them to protect themselves strategically against the Christians.

Today, this fortress still remains as this city was ruled for over nine centuries. This is why most of the architectural designs (old structures) in the city are somewhat Arabic.
Catholic Again

The city was again conquered by the Spanish Catholic Monarchs led by King Fernando. It was during this time where they’ve established today’s Plaza de Los Naranjos (Orange Square) to replace the old establishment of the Muslims. This was the last dramatic change of the city in a long while. Moving forward, everything was under the total control of Spain.
Marbella Today

We all know it now as a paradise, a real dream place that truly exists beside the solemn beach of the Mediterranean Sea. The strong timeframe of change was noted during 1954 when Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe came to be in Marbella as a simple result of engine failure from his Rolls Royce. He was empowered by the rich amazing sceneries of the beautiful city and decided to invest in hotels and apartments, now known as the Marbella Club Hotel – still standing today. From then on, being part of a noble bloodline, he encouraged other aristocrats to enjoy and have a wonderful vacation in his hotel. From there, investments flooded the city and today’s Marbella came to be.

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What to Do in Marbella

We all know that Marbella is a city of luxury. And, as a city of luxury, people will assume that everything is expensive and only welcomes millionaires. However, this isn’t entirely true at all. It’s safe to assume that you are going to spend some amount, but not worth a chest full of gold. A typical budget for any planned holiday will suit just fine, but if your budget is bigger, of course, the better.

Marbella, not only is an ideal holiday destination for the family, it is also a place where many consider as a paradise for life – thus, there are a lot of expatriates. Marbella offers an amazing year-round weather, incomparable old towns, diverse cultures, world-renowned cuisine, and a dear friendly community.

So, whether or not you’d be staying just for awhile or planning to live in Marbella for good, here are five wonderful things to do while in this paradise.
Enjoy at the Beach

This is one of the places on Earth where you can enjoy the beach throughout the whole year due to its unfailing year-round weather – sunshine all day, starry skies all night. Not only is the weather amazing, the beaches found in this place are synonymous to heaven. The Costa del Sol will give you kilometers of sandy, relaxing, unscathed beaches. Plus, they are surrounded by amenities that will cater all your needs – from fine cuisine to amazing spirit mixes. One of the most popular we recommend is Playa de Alicate. Every beach in Marbella is known to be safe, clean, and will give you a pack of happiness and pure relaxation at its finest.
Try the Food

No holiday stay is complete without completely eating out. There are so many restaurants available in Marbella that it will simply overwhelm you, but that’s not actually a bad thing. Why? It is because all of the restaurants in Marbella are simply outstanding. Plus, you will have a lot of options, from oriental cuisines such as Japanese and Thai to European such as Italian and French. There are so many more to mention, but two that should be a must are, of course, yours truly, Mediterranean and Spanish. With so many restaurants, you are sure to find one that’s good enough to suit your budget.

Visit the Old Town

There is a gem inside this gem, and that is the Old Town of Marbella – otherwise known as Casco Antiguo. This is a place where many tourists commonly forget or simply ignore to visit. However, it actually offers an amazing picturesque that will blow out anyone’s mind. It shows you a truly different timeline of Marbella filled with vibrant activities and plenty of boutique shops to further let you enjoy. Still, it has the same amenities that will cater all the things you need – delicious dishes are also pretty hot within the area.

Walk at Paseo Marítimo

Paseo Marítimo (beachside boulevard), boast an amazing ambiance and scenery. It simply gives you tranquility without any compare – while you still absorb the belonging sound of the city. The holiday escapade in Marbella isn’t really 100% without at least taking a few steps of this walkway near the beach. People say that if you walk here, you can proudly call yourself a local. This is a nice place to start a good chat with the people from all sorts of culture – need someone to talk to…? There are plenty at Paseo Marítimo.

Take a Break at the Park

When it comes to a long day of having fun, nothing beats a good relaxation at the park. The best place now to visit is Parque La Alameda. This fine piece is undeniably small, but it boasts an aesthetically beautiful large fountain. It is decorated with traditional Andalucian tiles and is one amazing background for a photoshoot. Or, simply enjoy the nice scenery as people pass you by – a stunning opportunity to simply appreciate the entire city and the community all at once.

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Golf in the Marbella Area

One sport that never gets out of style is Golf – like who on Earth doesn’t want to give it a swing? If you’ve been to a lot of golf courses and have called some of them as a prime, the ones in Marbella will still surprise you and will give you a far superior impression. Well, the best and most popular golf destination in Europe is in this paradise – Marbella.
The reason behind such praises is due to the amazingly pleasant year-round climate, together with the wide selection of premium quality golf courses and resorts – all with awe-inspiring landscapes. With more than 20 golf clubs that are all top-quality, we are going to give you a glimpse of our top 3 picks on this article.

El Paraiso Golf Club

The first on our list that’s considered a legend is none other than El Paraiso Golf Club. It was designed by Gary Player and is breathtakingly placed between two lakes through hundreds of wonderful fully grown pine trees. It is one of the oldest courses in Costa del Sol and has garnered a very prestigious reputation. It has a traditional British golf club feel with international membership. The overall ambiance and community is friendly and absolutely sociable. Everyone is welcome and invited to join most of the competitions done by the club.
The course it has to offer will suit all types of handicap strategies. However, it isn’t the most difficult of sorts. It will offer you a serene and vibrant feel; it has a beautiful surrounding that’s sure to relax any soul and at the same time provide them some sure entertainment – it is absolutely amazing for any holiday golfer.

Atalaya Golf Club

The second on our list is a world renowned golf club and is the official home of the European PGA. It offers 72 courses and two 18 hole par. It is one of the most diverse golf clubs that is able to cater all sorts of players – from a total novice to an international pro golfer. It offers a huge selection of holes, suited for all levels of handicap making it a club full of assorted players (in terms of level, and even culture).
As stated above, the club has two courses – one old and one new. The old course will give you wide open fairways that are typically elevated green and surrounded by tall Eucalyptus, Pine, and Olive trees. It gives you a wonderful scenic view that’s sure to unwind you really fast. These trees also provide a nice shade during the summer months, making it extremely easy to play.

The second course is just recent. This course, in particular, is more angled for tenured players as it has some need for accurate tee shots. Still, it welcomes new players as well as there are some areas that are fairly easy to come by with. This club is great for all types of players, pro or beginners alike. It is also one of the largest driving ranges in Spain and offers a reasonable tuition for everyone.

Los Naranjos Golf Club

The last that we consider a part of our list is Los Naranjos Golf Club. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones, a world-class golf architect, and considers it as one of his best. It boasts amazing sceneries without any other like it. It also has some very warm welcoming staffs, making it a very nice experience. It has a balanced mixture of holes and challenges that will always keep you in an upbeat feel. It has an assortment of fairways, keeping all golfers with different levels amused.
There are some fairways with water hazards so a strategic approach is indeed a must. When it comes to design, Los Naranjos Golf Club wins by a landslide due to its superb elegance. There is nothing just like it and no words can really define its awesomeness.

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Eating Out in Marbella


When it comes to visiting a place that’s already filled with revitalizing views and relaxing ambiances, food is the perfect complement. The city of Marbella, located in Andalusia, Spain, is proud to provide you 326 days of sunshine throughout the entire year – probably has the best climate on the planet.

It has glorious unscathed beautiful beaches that stretch out for more than 20 kilometers and awe-inspiration sceneries such as their glorious mountain ranges. Plus, the best thing that we are actually going to talk about is their wide selection of cuisines.
However, with so many restaurants in the city, it can be pretty confusing which to try first or which to try at all. Here in this article, we are going to provide you five of our best picks that will suit your budget and will satisfy your taste buds instantly.

The Top Five Restaurants to Try in Marbella


The first on our list is none other than Buenaventura. It is the best Spanish restaurant within Marbella – just close to their old town beside Iglesia de la Encarnación. This restaurant is designed with the typical Andalusian style and it boasts excellent authentic Spanish cuisines. They are also known for their outstanding red wines and has fascinating indoor and outdoor patio areas. They will offer you the freshest fish grilled to perfection and all other dishes that will surely fill you up – both stomach and spirit. The chef’s specialty is roast pork and flavored with cumin that will surely make your mouth water. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner.

La Calima

This is one of Marbella’s best come back. It is a Michelin restaurant and home to a world-renowned chef, Dani Garcia. It is located near the 1st Century Roman Bridge in Plaza Village at the Puente Romano Hotel. It is one amazing place for food with an assortment of choices from their menu. This restaurant promises you food beyond compare to all sorts of international to local cuisines. Their specialties are Andalusian ham, jumbo prawns, and slow-roasted lamb that’s served sizzling hot. However, this does come quite pricey compared to other restaurants. But, if quality is what you desire, this should be a must.

Da Bruno Sul Mare

It is placed in a wondrous spot that will surely restore some of your youth as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a long option of Italian cuisines that’s easy on the pocket but delightfully satisfying on the tongue. It is a very popular restaurant and highly recommended one for those who love pizza, pasta, steaks, and other seafood as well. They also give you the option to go entirely vegan, so it welcomes everyone. They also serve good wine that comes with an easy to accept price tag.

Small World Café

If you’re on a tight budget but would still love to get the quality food of Marbella, this is the place to go. It’s laid back and can provide the same quality as other top restaurants in the city. The food they serve is not only delicious but also generous. So, if you want something to fill up your tank, this is what we also strongly recommend – plus every price is just reasonable. They provide you laksa, burgers, goat cheese salads, chicken and steak specials that all will satisfy you in an instant.


The last but definitely not the least on our list is Garnacha. It is small yet can provide you enticing dishes that with a huge touch or artistic presentations. The interior is well designed with warm and cozy textures and lightings. It provides an atmosphere that matches no other and will only bring you excellence. Dishes are served either in full or half, they also provide some exotic combinations like foie gras accompanied with apple crumbles. If you’re into creativity and the arts, this is the restaurant for you.

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