Eating Out in Marbella


When it comes to visiting a place that’s already filled with revitalizing views and relaxing ambiances, food is the perfect complement. The city of Marbella, located in Andalusia, Spain, is proud to provide you 326 days of sunshine throughout the entire year – probably has the best climate on the planet.

It has glorious unscathed beautiful beaches that stretch out for more than 20 kilometers and awe-inspiration sceneries such as their glorious mountain ranges. Plus, the best thing that we are actually going to talk about is their wide selection of cuisines.
However, with so many restaurants in the city, it can be pretty confusing which to try first or which to try at all. Here in this article, we are going to provide you five of our best picks that will suit your budget and will satisfy your taste buds instantly.

The Top Five Restaurants to Try in Marbella


The first on our list is none other than Buenaventura. It is the best Spanish restaurant within Marbella – just close to their old town beside Iglesia de la Encarnación. This restaurant is designed with the typical Andalusian style and it boasts excellent authentic Spanish cuisines. They are also known for their outstanding red wines and has fascinating indoor and outdoor patio areas. They will offer you the freshest fish grilled to perfection and all other dishes that will surely fill you up – both stomach and spirit. The chef’s specialty is roast pork and flavored with cumin that will surely make your mouth water. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner.

La Calima

This is one of Marbella’s best come back. It is a Michelin restaurant and home to a world-renowned chef, Dani Garcia. It is located near the 1st Century Roman Bridge in Plaza Village at the Puente Romano Hotel. It is one amazing place for food with an assortment of choices from their menu. This restaurant promises you food beyond compare to all sorts of international to local cuisines. Their specialties are Andalusian ham, jumbo prawns, and slow-roasted lamb that’s served sizzling hot. However, this does come quite pricey compared to other restaurants. But, if quality is what you desire, this should be a must.

Da Bruno Sul Mare

It is placed in a wondrous spot that will surely restore some of your youth as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It offers a long option of Italian cuisines that’s easy on the pocket but delightfully satisfying on the tongue. It is a very popular restaurant and highly recommended one for those who love pizza, pasta, steaks, and other seafood as well. They also give you the option to go entirely vegan, so it welcomes everyone. They also serve good wine that comes with an easy to accept price tag.

Small World Café

If you’re on a tight budget but would still love to get the quality food of Marbella, this is the place to go. It’s laid back and can provide the same quality as other top restaurants in the city. The food they serve is not only delicious but also generous. So, if you want something to fill up your tank, this is what we also strongly recommend – plus every price is just reasonable. They provide you laksa, burgers, goat cheese salads, chicken and steak specials that all will satisfy you in an instant.


The last but definitely not the least on our list is Garnacha. It is small yet can provide you enticing dishes that with a huge touch or artistic presentations. The interior is well designed with warm and cozy textures and lightings. It provides an atmosphere that matches no other and will only bring you excellence. Dishes are served either in full or half, they also provide some exotic combinations like foie gras accompanied with apple crumbles. If you’re into creativity and the arts, this is the restaurant for you.