What to Do in Marbella

We all know that Marbella is a city of luxury. And, as a city of luxury, people will assume that everything is expensive and only welcomes millionaires. However, this isn’t entirely true at all. It’s safe to assume that you are going to spend some amount, but not worth a chest full of gold. A typical budget for any planned holiday will suit just fine, but if your budget is bigger, of course, the better.

Marbella, not only is an ideal holiday destination for the family, it is also a place where many consider as a paradise for life – thus, there are a lot of expatriates. Marbella offers an amazing year-round weather, incomparable old towns, diverse cultures, world-renowned cuisine, and a dear friendly community.

So, whether or not you’d be staying just for awhile or planning to live in Marbella for good, here are five wonderful things to do while in this paradise.
Enjoy at the Beach

This is one of the places on Earth where you can enjoy the beach throughout the whole year due to its unfailing year-round weather – sunshine all day, starry skies all night. Not only is the weather amazing, the beaches found in this place are synonymous to heaven. The Costa del Sol will give you kilometers of sandy, relaxing, unscathed beaches. Plus, they are surrounded by amenities that will cater all your needs – from fine cuisine to amazing spirit mixes. One of the most popular we recommend is Playa de Alicate. Every beach in Marbella is known to be safe, clean, and will give you a pack of happiness and pure relaxation at its finest.
Try the Food

No holiday stay is complete without completely eating out. There are so many restaurants available in Marbella that it will simply overwhelm you, but that’s not actually a bad thing. Why? It is because all of the restaurants in Marbella are simply outstanding. Plus, you will have a lot of options, from oriental cuisines such as Japanese and Thai to European such as Italian and French. There are so many more to mention, but two that should be a must are, of course, yours truly, Mediterranean and Spanish. With so many restaurants, you are sure to find one that’s good enough to suit your budget.

Visit the Old Town

There is a gem inside this gem, and that is the Old Town of Marbella – otherwise known as Casco Antiguo. This is a place where many tourists commonly forget or simply ignore to visit. However, it actually offers an amazing picturesque that will blow out anyone’s mind. It shows you a truly different timeline of Marbella filled with vibrant activities and plenty of boutique shops to further let you enjoy. Still, it has the same amenities that will cater all the things you need – delicious dishes are also pretty hot within the area.

Walk at Paseo Marítimo

Paseo Marítimo (beachside boulevard), boast an amazing ambiance and scenery. It simply gives you tranquility without any compare – while you still absorb the belonging sound of the city. The holiday escapade in Marbella isn’t really 100% without at least taking a few steps of this walkway near the beach. People say that if you walk here, you can proudly call yourself a local. This is a nice place to start a good chat with the people from all sorts of culture – need someone to talk to…? There are plenty at Paseo Marítimo.

Take a Break at the Park

When it comes to a long day of having fun, nothing beats a good relaxation at the park. The best place now to visit is Parque La Alameda. This fine piece is undeniably small, but it boasts an aesthetically beautiful large fountain. It is decorated with traditional Andalucian tiles and is one amazing background for a photoshoot. Or, simply enjoy the nice scenery as people pass you by – a stunning opportunity to simply appreciate the entire city and the community all at once.